Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday Bible Study / February 16, 2010

Week Two - Monday Bible Study


What does it mean to know that I am precious in God's sight?

I had made an addition to my weekend blog but decided to add it here for my answer.
Yesterday my ex fiance wrote to tell me he is pursuing a new relationship. When I first read it, I became sick to my stomach... I felt like he kicked me in the gut. You see... I had been praying the prayer of Jabez over Mark for 6 months...

Dear Lord - Bless Mark, increase his territory - watch over him - keep him from evil.... I desired God's BEST FOR MARK..... Until I read that email... I have found someone new......

Bottom line... I still desire God's blessings for his life - in my spirit... but we all know that we battle against flesh and blood. I'm hurt because I wasn't the right one!

All of that to get to my question: What does it mean to know that I'm precious in God's sight?
Answer: That he loves me so unconditionally - he was willing to die for me. In spite of me - my sin - my flaws -
He cares so deeply for me that he will spare me from mistakes as long as my focus is on him and his desire for my life.

TODAY I CAN TRUST Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope!

I feel peace and assurance in the fact that I am his precious daughter and he desires and delights in giving me "GOOD GIFTS".............

Be blessed ladies,


  1. Holly - thank you for stopping by AT THE WELL today and leaving me a comment on my post. I love your passionate heart!! :)

  2. Hey Holly why not saying it differently.....
    " Your ex-fiancee was/is not the right one for you....." in God's eyes.....
    God KNOWS both of you......and wants the best for both of you....Pray the prayer of Jabez for both of you and God will heal your heart i know for sure!!


  3. My goodness. I am so sorry to hear this but glad you are turning to the Lord to find comfort.

  4. You are right Bernice...
    God does want the best for both of us... Thank you!

  5. That is so encouraging, Holly. Thanks for sharing it with me. You know, I needed to hear that today! I am His precious daughter, and He cares for me. I am forever In His Care. I Peter 5:7 says. God bless! Keep sharing, we need it. Thanks again.

  6. Holly, sometimes we don't understand why things happen the way they do, but we can trust that the LORD knows exactly what we need. Lean on Him and trust God to heal your heart.

    Praying for you this week as you dig into God's Word seeking to know Him more.

    By His Grace,