Friday, October 1, 2010

Makeover of the Heart - Week 3

I'm joining Tracy Berta from "At the Well" for her bible study over the heart......

She asked that as you sit quietly before the Lord, ponder these:
• Has there ever been a time in your life when you doubted God’s plan or His timing? Have you come to trust in His plan for your life? What did God teach you through this experience?
• Do you have any hidden wounds that need to be healed?
• Is there someone you need to forgive (including God or even yourself)?

For the first question... Most definitely! During a recent break up I had to battle my way through doubt/fear.... Hoping and praying that the Lord's plan and timing would line up with MINE! I spent over a year on my face, praying, trusting and learning... What did I learn? :) OH MY.... That God is good all the time. The outcome was not what I desired in my heart. The answer was NO to my many nights of prayer and tears. BUT GOD... But God taught me how to trust him - even when I am not seeing results, even when I do see results and they aren't what I desired!
I know that I know... HIS PLAN IS PERFECT and GOOD!!

Do I have hidden wounds. NO...........I reveal my wounded heart to Godly counsel. I allow the word to penetrate my heart. Do I still have wounds and scars.. OF COURSE... But the blood of Christ is much bigger than my hurt or pain. I know that if I'm placing him first in my heart that he is CONTINUALLY HEALING ME!

Is there someone I need to forgive? Yes.... I wake up daily forgiving them... turning the hurts over to God and the main person is myself. I SEE MY SIN BIG.... at times I try and carry it and then realize that I'm trying to be God in place of God..... If God has forgiven me. THE SIN IS GONE. FORGOTTEN.

So as for me.... GOD IS ON THE THRONE FOR TODAY and prayerfully each and every day as I walk out my life in Faith and just try the best that I can to pick up the cross and allow the Lord to lead!

Great study,


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