Friday, October 23, 2009

I still Cry.....................................


I still cry
when I think of how you love me
and I struggle in the darkness
even when its hard to try

And on some days - that seem to never end
I'm consumed with all the pain
and my struggles deep within

Its then you speak to me
that your always in control
you have good plans in store
that some day I truly see

How your Love
Is my shelter in the storm
it descends upon my heart
from your heavens up above

Its then on my knees
that I find your strength within
all my doubts and fears
begin to fanish and to flee

And then I cry
not for pity for myself
but to think you loved me so
to pay the price for me and die

Oh Sweet Jesus - never let me go
Help me walk with you each day
I'm so in love with you
from the depths of my soul

And through my cries
they are tears of joy this day
I no longer walk in shame
for with you the old me dies

For you see my tears
but they are tears for what you've done
even when I walked alone
you sent your one and only Son..........................................

God woke me this morning with this song on my lips..... I woke up singing " I STILL CRY".......
feeling that my heart still aches in many ways for many sorrows......................but in the end
I still cry for the most amazing grace I have ever discovered....................
I will never understand how or why.
But I do know this truth.
GOD LOVES YOU AND I more than we will ever be able to comprehend!


  1. Wow, how I need to hear those words over and over agian to really realize deep within my soul that God does love me, despite all my flaws. I've been meditating on getting a deeper understanding of what it means to be loved by God and to realize that I actually have worth in him. Thank you for this post, Holly.


  2. What beautiful words in this song! Who sings it? I'd love to hear it :).

    I am forever grateful for God's amazing love, grace, and mercy! Beyond comprehension, indeed!

  3. What a beautiful and comforting song! Thanks for sharing it here.

  4. Oh Holly,

    cling to our Jesus. Sometimes the tears are healing. I am crying along with you.

    I love you very much. Holding you in Christ. Love, Lynn

    A present is waiting for you at

    Speak with you soon

  6. Beautiful. I have joined to follow and look forward to getting to know you. I have two blogs: Arise 2 Write and All God's Creatures

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea