Thursday, October 22, 2009



Isn't it funny how God uses things in our lives to bring revelation?

I was seeking the Lord this morning during my quiet time and thanking
him for his grace and mercies that are new each and every morning.

Thanking him for revealing himself to me in a fresh and new way that only
his Holy Spirit can.................
I have been in one of those storms of life. When our emotions toss us to and fro.
When we end up walking in what we are feeling instead of walking in what is TRUE!

I am finding that if we run to the Lord...................fall at his feet and allow him
to take all of our cares and burdens. WHAT PEACE... WHAT AMAZING PEACE that brings.
He wants to care for us. He desires that we love him first and foremost above all else that
this world has to offer. I was so struggling with having hope for an outcome in a recent
lost relationship... My hope was wrapped up in that ONE DESIRE..............God has been
so patient and gentle in allowing me time to see that my HOPE IS IN HIM.... ALONE!

Driving in to work I was struke with this realization! We thank God for the sunny days - for
the blessings in life. When things are just falling right in to place and all is well.
What about the rain?
What about the storms?
I'm thanking God today for the storms he has allowed. The testing he himself has allowed.
and the rain.......................Oh Lord thank you for the rain! Its in my storm that his love
has poured in on my heart more than I could ever have imagined!
Thank you God for the cross..... Thank you Lord for loving me so much that you sent your
Son to die for my sin. That when you look at me - you don't see the mess - you don't see the
selfishness - YOU SEE YOUR SON!
Today I can thankfully see your love and be thankful for this season that you are allowing me
to take a step of faith. a step in growth. a step in trust.

I just thank you Lord for the RAIN!


  1. You know what i was thinking about....
    You are in the storm ...and like what is prayed for in the song of MW Smith " Let it RAIN".....He opens the floodgates of heaven and HIS RAIN is falling on you!!


  2. Wow, that is so true. I know that is what brought me closer to Jesus in my struggles as well. He was with me through the whole journey through the wilderness of lyme and I know He will continue to be with me on my journey through the rest of my life. I, too, thank God for the storms in my life because I have learned so much from them.
    Just as Bernice has commented, I was singing the song 'Let it Rain" by MWS, while I was reading your post.
    Thanks, Holly!!

    Love ya,

  3. My life has been sunny to partly cloudy to winds and storms. But as you reminded me we can run to the cross and that is where we receive peace and healing. That is where the work was done. That is what enables us to endure. God bless!!