Tuesday, March 2, 2010

~Thankful For God's Way And Not My Own~

"P.S. I shared this post on Heart to Heart with Holley."

Nellie – It’s Not About You!

I’m not certain how many of you remember Nellie Olsen from “Little House On The
Prairie” series? She was the Daughter of Mr. Olsen that owned the local
Mercantile store. Nellie was very spoiled and consistently demanded her own way, thinking only of herself. Not many people could remain her friend for very long. It didn’t take long for her consistent ugliness to wear thin.

Why the history lesson on Nellie Olsen? Well, because I was a NELLIE in many ways. I haven't ever been mean like her, however - Nellie can come out in our character in many different ways. Before the Lord finally got my attention and had me focus on the problem areas, my life was ALL ABOUT ME! How could I be prettier? How could I become more popular? How could I get the basketball star in High School to go out with me? How could I have the perfect children? How could I get my husband to do what I desired? What was wrong with everyone around me?

Then the Lord allowed many painful lessons in my life in order to help me see that his purpose for our lives has nothing to do with US but has everything to do with HIM…… If you have picked up this book I can assume that you to have finally come to the place that you are more interested in his plan for you life than you are in what your desires are.

One day a very dear friend looked me in the eyes and said “Nellie, no one feels sorry for you any longer – look at how your actions may have hurt this person instead of just focusing on the consequences of your own actions!” WOW……. And this was my best friend? Little did I realize, she was in fact my best friend that loved me enough to share TRUTH!

My hope and prayer is that through my life lessons I can share with you the glorious way that God loved me in spite of me!

The saying “Often God has to shut a door in our face so that he can subsequently open the door through which he wants us to go”……. Well, let’s just say this is a motto for my life!

Thanking God today for the blessings of HIS TRUTH and for sending people into my life to share it~



  1. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for sharing your thankful heart with us! It is so true that our lives is not about ourselves. We are new creatures in Christ and we live in Him and through Him daily, so that His love and grace may shine through us. Thank God for sending precious friends in to my life too when they sense that I am going in the wrong direction. Thank God for blessing and guiding you.

    Btw, are you hosting Thankful Thursday this month? I found your link through Laurie at http://womentakingastand.blogspot.com/.

    Take care and God bless you.

    Warm regards,
    More Than Conquerors

  2. amen girl...Oh my goodness gracious, this was right on! I've been known to tell others of the rock bank I used to in. You may have heard of us..Me Myself and I? Yepper, all ABOUT ME..oh my this post rang true...praise and glory to God it is NO longer about me, IT'S ALL ABOUT HIM...One reason I love my Sunday posts...IT'S NOT ABOUT ME....love ya girl..love your heart!~

  3. What a beautiful post! What a good reminder-- it is not about US, but HIM! Amen to that! Blessings.

  4. bless you for a wonderful post

  5. Thanks for the reminder! It is so easy to forget that "It's not about me!"

  6. Oh, "Its not about you" Glory to God. He has been revealing that to me, and I am so blessed to receive it in my spirit-man too. Its not about me!!!!! Hallelujah!

  7. Yes, Denise, I love her hones heart too. Thanks Holly for sharing with us. GBU

  8. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for your visit and encouragements! Oops, maybe I made a mistake regarding the link from Laurie's blog. Anyway, so good to hear from you. May God bless you always!


  9. What a powerful post Holly. How true it is that once we know the truth, it will set up free.

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us.

    Be blessed today and always...

  10. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for your note. I think I went too early to Laurie's blog before she post her TT. Then I saw at her side-bar that there is a link to the person posting in March. So I clicked at it and it brought me to your blog :) Maybe, I am the only person who did that! Silly me:) So no worry about it :)

    Take care and have a wonderful and blessed weekend,

  11. I used to love to hate that Nellie Oleson! LHOTP was one of my very favorite shows!

    One thing I've learned is that God is way more interested in my character than He is in my comfort. I, of course, see life the other way around. But He uses discomfort to make me more like Him, in spite of my constant kicking and screaming. I'm so glad He loves me enough to stay by my side.