Saturday, November 28, 2009

Where would I go?

Today I was having one of those day?
I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about - well, especially most
One of those days where you mind just wanders and ponders on so many different thoughts, memories, mistakes, regrets.... You know - when the enemy starts feeding
your thought process with:

You really messed up in the past - so bad that you actually don't deserve the blessings of the Lord.
Is living for God really gotten you anywhere?
You always run to God when the world rejects you?
Even a Godly man didn't want you Holly?
YOU KNOW - yeap, ONE OF THOSE DAYS..................... BUT THEN
( Oh yeah, big smile)....... My Lord stepped in.

For when we let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable
in the Lord's sight - he is our strength and our redeamer.... YOU BETCHA !
The words of Satan begin to fade quickly!

Greater is he that is IN ME - than he that is in the word...... I started to let him have it.

I agreed with Satan to a point.
Yes - I messed up in the past!
Yes - I did turn to the Lord when the world hurt me!
Yes - Even a Godly man chose to walk in a new direction instead of allow me
to control my own life instead of relying on God to direct my path!

Does any of that mean that I am not the daughter of the King. NO. My Father chose
me to serve him and he is perfecting me DAILY!

Because of his great loved me and for you - he sent his Son to die for our sins.

I pictured Jesus today speaking to his disciples and some could not handle the hard words that
he spoke in the temple and they turned and left him on that day. He looked at the remaining
disciples and said " will you leave to?" Peter said - Where would we go?

Isn't that what we all have to cry out? I know that I have no other place to turn - nor do I want to turn in any direction other than to the CROSS! No one on this earth has anything to offer me that can replace that kind of love.

Where would you go?

I pray no other place than to the CROSS...................................

Tuesday, November 24, 2009



1Chronicles 16:34 Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.

It is that time of the year when we are all busy getting the turkey and all the trimmings, Decorating our homes, etc. With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday seasons it can be so easy to get so busy to forget what this time of year should represent. THANKFULNESS! I have
been meditating on that very word. What does it mean in my heart?

Thankful for salvation. For the Lord's mercy in my life as written above " That it ENDURES
FOREVER....... That this life is just preparation for an eternity with the Lord.

2Corinthians 9:15 Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! That's how I feel today.

We can't even begin to fathom this gift. We love our families. We love to give them gifts. But how great is our Father's love for us..... The gift of his precious Son. I feel that I can't begin to THANK HIM ENOUGH! How do I thank him? I want to thank him through my actions. My praise. My worship. My service toward others. My submission to his ways above my own.

He has blessed my life in so many indescribable ways. Health, loved ones, precious Grand children, precious friendships. One gift he blessed me with was a relationship with a Godly Man. This man showed me through his character a way of daily life. I didn't value his leadership or his lifestyle, but thank God that he used this man in my life to plant the seed. The seed that is now rooted and GROWING! I wanted to focus on the hurt of him walking away. I am now focusing on the good that God brought to my spirit THROUGH the time spent with this man. The talks, the walks and yes even the disagreements when I wanted MY WAY...... God loved me enough to allow me to lose him in order to value him.

I'm thankful today for his PEACE - JOY - REST....... Regardless of our circumstance - WE ARE BLESSED! Period.

Ephesians 5:20 giving thanks always for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

I would have nothing and I am nothing with out God. Without his love of sending his precious Son to die for my sin and rebellion. I never want to live a day without THANKING GOD!

So this Thursday when we are enjoying our families (missing those that aren't there) and having a wonderful meal. Lets not forget the most important place to give honor. Our precious Savior. Thankful always for his mercies and grace! REGARDLESS of what we see with the natural eye - because he is working for our good and perfecting us to be like him each and every day that we place our heart in his hands!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Narrow is the Way

Doesn't it seem like so very many people are having such a tough time knowing which way to turn? I can't begin to count how many of my friends (including myself many days) are crying out to God for his direction or his "perfect will" for their lives.So many times I believe he has practically thrown me in the middle of his perfect will and I still questioned it? Many times we walk in fear of the "what if world" and miss his timing........then we have to learn through periods of testing that we should have just trusted in him to meet us there - the old saying "JUST DO IT" is what I feel he is speaking at times or at least "Just do something"............... Its like the man that went and buried his talent - because of why? He was fearful.... God is always calling us to be active - not a bench warmer!It has only been through many trials and testings in my own life that I believe I'm finally beginning to know what God's perfect will is.

I believe that if we focus our entire being on this one truth, that roads and doors will begin to open in which God desires to be open. Here is the truth: If I love the Lord my God with all of my heart, soul and body - first and foremost. Then my heart desires his ways above my own ways. His truth above my feelings. His plan, even if it isn't lining up with my hopes for TODAY! For I know if I trust in him - all things will work together for my good - Why? BECAUSE I LOVE HIM WITH MY WHOLE HEART!Psalm 31:23-24 Love the LORD, all his saints! The LORD preserves the faithful, but the proud he pays back in full. BE STRONG AND TAKE HEART, all you who HOPE IN THE LORD................What does that tell me.... MY HOPE MUST ALWAYS REMAIN IN HIM.... not in my plans, my dreams, my thoughts.... BUT IN HIM AND HIM ALONE!

God's word promises in Isaiah 58:11 And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not.God loves us. He desires to bless our lives. Not harm us. Joshua 1:9 tells us to be strong and of good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee wherever thou goest. I know that I get fretful and discouraged when I am not putting my trust in his perfectness......Isaiah 26:3 Promises me that he will keep me in perfect PEACE, whose mind is stayed on thee: Because why? Because he trusteth in thee!
I have decided I'm a very slow I am now 45 years old and it took this long for the light bulb to shine on top of the ole head..... :) But praise God his Holy Spirit chose me - and removed the veil from my eyes - opened my ears to hear him - my heart to know him. His word is alive.... It leads and guides us. It promises to strengthen us in all our difficulties. In Jeremiah 1:5 he tells us that he formed us in the womb, knew us before we were even born and had already sanctified us.............HOW AMAZING IS THAT KIND OF LOVE....UNCONDITIONAL.

How can I not love him with my WHOLE HEART BACK? I must!
I have always said " I love God - I trust God"...... but this scripture speaks volumes to me today:1 John 3:18 Dear children let us not love with words or tongue but with action and in truth.How true is this scripture for my life. I can now in his perfect love. for Psalms 121:3 tells me that he will not let your foot slip, he who watches over you will not slumber. So in the end: I can trust that even though I make plans and have hopes and dreams.

I still say" If the Lord wills".Proverbs 16:9 A Man's mind plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps and makes them sure.I can trust that if I make my plan and it is centered on God as my reasoning...... He is sure to bless that plan or cause the change in plan that will bring about his good! Nothing can thwart God's plan.... How reassuring is that? To me it causes peace! Trust! An ever present help when I am struggling to understand, not understanding what I know in my heart but I don't see it with my eyes! Its all okay. Why? Because I trust my Lord and Savior. He is in complete authority over my life and as long as he is on the throne... I do not fear tomorrow. I do not fear taking the wrong path and getting off the narrow road......

Isaiah 30:21 “And your ears will hear a word behind you, ‘This is the way, walk in it,’ whenever you turn to the right or to the left

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have come to realize over the years that its not whats on the outside that matters at all.......

It has taken many years to hear what the Lord thinks of me.

When I was a young girl I always wanted to be more like my Brother. My Parents would always say "why can't you be like your Brother"! So I always tried to dress like a boy and not comb my hair and act more like a tom boy......

Then as I got older my Dad would introduce me as "The mean one".......... So needless to say - I tried to be what my Dad thought I was. Somehow in my mind I felt if I acted the way he expected me to - that it pleased him and I made him proud of me.

Then came the High School years. I finally became a girly girl (lol) and got noticed for being pretty. Then I believed that this is what made people like me. So I continued to strive at being skinny enough, pretty enough. I ended up being voted the prettiest at my school but always felt fat and ugly. I drank very often just so I could be more out going and what I considered to be the person I could never be on my own. What lies Satan can get us to believe just so we are constantly striving to fix ourselves when there is nothing we can do in our own strength to correct the "uglies" in our hearts. They just keep getting larger and larger the harder we try to do it on our own.

Today - the beauty on the outside has faded - the skinny/perfect body is no longer. But something has happened to me that can never compare to any beauty on the outside! I finally realize, believe and TRUST in God's perfect love for me. He loves me just the way I am. Even knowing all the JUNK....................................................I discovered AMAZING GRACE.

I no longer care about what the world determines is beautiful. The only beauty I'm concerned with these days is what God has created in my heart. I'm not that "ugly" girl that was voted most beautiful. I could very well be considered the girl thats so so to the world - But I'm praying I'm

beautiful in God's eyes. That he looks at me and says "who I am is quit enough"........Because of Jesus Christ - I'm worthy of Love.....I'm now beautiful! It doesn't matter what the world calls you - It doesn't matter what you've done - It doesn't even matter what you were raised believing you were..............The only thing that matters is what God is doing in our hearts.

My heart must be so lost in God - that a man must seek him with his whole heart in order to find me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God blessed my broken road. He came searching for me and praise God I AM FOUND!