Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"Their heart is divided; now shall they be found faulty."—Hosea 10:2.

How many of you struggle with what you are feeling verses what is right. A HEART DIVIDED. Charles Spurgeon describes a divided heart as a "disease" and what surgeon can join together a divided heart.... Nothing but Omnipotent grace can overcome this disease!

Don't you wish you could just have surgery to repair the many things in life that can cause your heart to divide or feel that it is splitting into.

I'm sure many of you can relate to relationships that have caused your heart to break and in your flesh you want to put band aids on it and fix it yourself. Truth is, there are relationships and issues in this life that only God has the power to change or affect the outcome.

Why do we struggle with trusting God for each and every aspect of our lives. Is God all we need? Is God enough? Is God BIG ENOUGH to be the answer to all my prayers! OF COURSE HE IS.

I'm praying today that my life be transformed into a life of TRUST and not inconsistency. Isn't that what happens when our heart is divided!

Praying for the lost today and the faith to trust in God that he loves even that one sheep that has strayed MORE THAN I EVER COULD!



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  1. Holly, that is so true my sister. This is why the enemy fight so hard to stop you from delivering God's Word to others in need. You are a blessing to other women!! I know you are to me. Thanks for sharing this. I am learning each day to trust Him more and more, and yes He is more than enough for His children's needs. Hearing messages like this one, give me a booster shot to get through this day with praises on my lips, and thanksgiving in my heart. I am so glad God connected us. Love you my sister in the Lord.