Friday, April 23, 2010


This past month I have tried to meditate on who God is in our heart? What place does he TRULY hold? Is he in control of all things? Actually, not even IS HE - But do I live my life as if HE IS IN TOTAL CONTROL? I fail at this more than I like to admit.

Today I would like to place him back on the throne of my life. HE IS IN CONTROL OF ALL THINGS and I desire to live in such a way that I trust that with all of my heart. To stop running around trying to fix all the things that are wrong, or disappointing. Stop blaming others for the same sin that I myself might be struggling with and to just LOVE THEM - in spite of the sin. Love them the way Christ loves me and forgives ME...........

All to often we REACT in a way that pleases the enemy more so than pleasing God.
Satan is thrilled when we react toward other Christians in anger or withdraw from them instead of run to them with a loving and caring nature that reflects CHRIST IN US!

Today - regardless of the storms in this life. I want to praise God for the rainbow that is just around the corner. The promise that he is always covering us under his loving protection and guidance. IF ONLY WE WILL REACH OUT AND PLACE ALL OF OUR CARES AND BURDENS UPON HIM............ He will grant our soul that peace that surpasses ALL OF OUR NATURAL UNDERSTANDING!

Praying this day that I to can have a heart of Christ toward ALL people. Recognizing that I have been forgiven of MUCH - and must do the same for those that I love.

Thanking the Lord today for his gentle reminder that he is always in control of our storm,


  1. Wow Holly...our journeys are so similar...seems we're walking the same steps. every facet of the only way to walk with Him. And His presence is priceless.
    Love, hugs, and prayers sister,

  2. Thank you Cherie......

    That is certainly the key!

  3. Thanks Holly for sharing this with me. So true, and so needed in my life right now. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthenth me each and every day!! I can not live this life with Him, nor do I want to. Its good to have reminders like this one in our lives daily. Please post it on the list for others to read, even if they do respond, its still good for all to read this, thank you so much. I love you my sister in the Lord. Have a blessed weekend.

  4. I meant, I can not live this life without Him!!!