Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Healing is on my heart this morning....
I found the following quote by Dave Harvey yesterday and it fit my heart completely:
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"Perhaps the longest lasting damage from spiritual abuse is loss of ability to trust. Mark Twain said that a cat that walked on a hot stove would never walk on a hot stove again. But then, it would not walk on a cold stove either…Finally healing comes when the individual is able to give help to others out of his own experience. The ideal setting for this is a support group. This writer has felt for many years that there needs to be a bridge between the abusive experience in their past and a grace oriented church to which they will eventually go, or maybe are now trying to re-learn to trust. That bridge needs to be their “Church In Between” a place of refuge that will function as a church, with understanding of their responses. Because, they are still like the cat that walked on that hot stove."

Sadly - I was like the cat that walked on the hot stove...
Not wanting to place my trust in a church again. I can say from the heart that today, I'm a part of a church that is my family. We love one another, serve one another and CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER. Are we all still sinners? Of course!
Do we all still need Christ? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The quote above states: We need a place of refuge - That bridge that can be the church in between........How Ironic is it that the name of my church is "THE BRIDGE"..... Which illustrates the bridge that Christ created through his death to enable a relationship between God and his children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm thankful that God led me to a church family that I can be free to admit my faults, seek counsel and still be loved in spite of who I am!


In Christ,

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